Furwind – on Stores Now!

Barcelona, Spain. June 27th 2019.

Furwind by BoomfireGames and JanduSoft S.L. is available now to PS4, PSVITA and Nintendo Switch , XBOX  has been delayed until July 10th.

Nintendo Switch: http://bit.ly/2FCxaS9

PS4/PSVITA (Cross-Buy): http://bit.ly/2Xz4uDK

Xbox: Coming for preorders on July 10th.

Don’t miss our latest trailer on our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHHPOn28U6M


  • More than 30 levels
  • Difficult and challenging, but fair
  • Cross-buy on PS4/PSVITA
  • Global launch on all the consoles at the same time
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