Astronite is now available on all platforms!

Barcelona, Spain. December 1st, 2022.
Dear Neplenians, Astronite the best explorer of Neplea are now on all platforms. The amazing metroidvania created by Dume Games Studio and ported/publicated by JanduSoft is finally ready for everyone to enjoy.

You are the last hope to save Neplea!

A 1-bit metroidvania created by a solodev

Astronite will live a great 1-bit metroidvania adventure. Neplea, his home planet, is full of enemies and many secrets to discover. But there are also big bosses waiting for him – only you can take them down!.
  • A big map full of secrets.
  • Multitude of enemies and big bosses.
  • Echo Rooms: challenges only for the most intrepid.
  • Improve your skills with power-ups hidden in the map.
  • Original soundtrack created by zeeWave Sound.

Astronite on Physical Edition

Astronite will be released in physical format for Playstation 4Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch on December 2nd.

Available on all digital stores

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