At sonic speeds, Aureole – Wings of Hope takes platforming to the literal skies! Join Ramila and Ryleth on their crusade to reclaim their home from demonic forces in this unique physics-based side-scrolling game.

Get ready for a celestial adventure! You are the Aureole – move, jump, and reach dizzying speeds with precise controls that have been polished to perfection.
The world has been cursed, and the kingdom of heaven has been invaded by evil demons. Our angelic protagonists, Ramila and Ryleth, are sent plummeting from the sky.
It’s time to return home.


  • Unique Mechanics: Easy to learn, difficult to master. Launch yourself, accelerate, and use the environment to your advantage with precise physics-based controls. But be careful – physics can be fickle, and you may find yourself at their mercy.
  • Arcade Mode: Like in classic games! Experience the most straightforward perspective and take on all levels in one go. Here, only you and your mastery of controls matter.
  • Improve Yourself: Improve with every attempt and take your speed to new heights. achieve the highest score based on your times – the sky’s the limit! And no, that’s not just a saying.
  • Hidden secrets:…



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  • Platforms: Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5

  • Release: TBA

  • Genre: Platformer, Fast-Paced, Difficult, Precision Platformer

  • Subtitles: TBA

  • Players: 1 player

  • Developer: Team Stargazers

  • Price: US$ TBA / TBA €