An amazing new roguelike / bullet-hell

Cavity Busters is a roguelite toothpunk bullet hell where you use your one and only tooth to chomp the cavity infested enemies. Run on the walls, dodge through bullet filled rooms and stomp baddies. Collect power ups, contract powerful diseases, and dig your way through the body.


  • 280 upgrades to aid or hinder your run. Take a diseased upgrade and risk being able to cure the disease to keep only the positive effects.
  • Boss fights with multiple phases and attacks to keep you on your gums.
  • Hundreds of handcrafted rooms and a new body to explore every time you die.
  • Challenging rewarding skill based combat. No permanent stat upgrades.
  • Accessibility options.

Fact Sheet

  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5

  • Release: April 20th, 2023

  • Genre: Bullet Hell, Roguelite, Shoot ‘Em Up, Difficult, Dungeon Crawler

  • Subtitles: English

  • Players: 1 player

  • Developer: SpaceMyFriend

  • Price: US$ 12,49 / 12,49 €