a first-person psychological horror game

After the death of his mother and the arrest of his father for it, our protagonist Mark tries to contact her through the Spiritual board, which explodes mysteriously and causes Mark to fade away. That’s where it all began: a series of paranormal events will torment him while he tries to gather the fragments of the Spiritual board and thus, find what is really happening.

The player will embody Mark, a teenager in charge of his little brother, because he has just suffered the loss of his mother and has his father in prison for it. Reveal the visions and fears that torment Mark. Although only he was knowledgeable about them… or someone else?

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  • A terrifying environment.
  • Discover the truth.
  • Walk a house full of dark corners.

Fact Sheet

  • Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5

  • Release: March, 25 2021

  • Genre: Single Player,  Fisrt person, horror

  • Subtitles: Dutch, English, French (France), German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

  • Players: 1 

  • Developer: JanduSoft

  • Price: US$ 12.99 / 12.99 €

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