Get Ready for the battle!

Capture, train and evolve:

Explore Rune Island, a magic place where you can capture incredible creatures.
Progress through combats and quests in order to improve and evolve them.
Train them to get the strongest team possible and become the best hunter.

Some people feel that do not fit: the world of farms, clans and candy they are living in isn’t exactly what they wanted or expected; they dream about exploring huge lands full of wild nature and mysterious animals, the perfect places for living exciting adventures… But now they might have a chance to make their dreams come true thanks to Runemals, a free ­to ­play game for mobile and tablets. In this videogame the action is set In Rune Island, a magic place where players capture incredible creatures, known as runemals, and progress through combats and quests in order to train and evolve them. The game combines strategy, role playing and puzzle elements to create a fast and challenging gameplay experience addressed to hardcore gamers who are looking for complex and interesting product that has also been designed with mobile in mind.

The game is being developed by JanduSoft, a video game indie company based in Barcelona, Spain, responsible of the successful mobile app “Guess the character” which has obtained more than 13 million downloads to date. An epic journey to a mysterious land full of unknown creatures is about to start, would you like to join?



    • Explore the island and help Bright capture all runemals.
    • Train and evolve your creatures to improve your team.
    • Play a combination of strategy, role playing and puzzle elements.
    • A satisfying gameplay for casual and hardcore gamers.