This isn't your standard game of soccer

This is Guts ‘N Goals, where soccer balls can be hockey pucks, and you use a bat instead of your feet to score goals. Choose from over 30 unique heroes and get ready to play the world’s game like never before! Different ways to play.

Each stadium has a unique way to play a game of soccer. Score a goal with a beach ball on the beach, and hit a hockey puck at the skating rink.

Keeping you on your toes During each game, random mutators will change the way you play. Mutators can change everything from the ball you’re hitting to the entire game design in a matter of seconds. There are no penalty cards – Each of the over 30 heroes has a unique ability that can drastically change the tide of a match. You can use these abilities to temporarily KO your opponent, giving you an opportunity to score.

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  • Different ways to play

  • Keeping you on your toes

  • There are no penalty cards.

  • Each of the over 30 heroes has a unique ability.

  • Play your way

Fact Sheet

  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5

  • Release: August 31, 2021

  • Genre: Sports, Multiplayer

  • Subtitles: English, Spanish

  • Players: 1, Local Multiplayer

  • Developer: CodeManu

  • Price: US$ 14.99 / 14.99 €