3D voxel action adventure game

Help young Aris to solve the mystery of the fall of Asfand and It’s guild of alchemists, avenge the death of her brother, discover the limits of her powers all of that and more inside a 3D voxel action adventure game where you control weapons made of metal.

Aris has been training for all her life due to her special powers and skills along with her brother to go inside the Alchemists Dungeon and recover the long lost orbs to restore the peace in Asfand long thrilled by Koltors which after the fall of the alchemists guild has been winning the war. Recovering the orbs means Aris will have to discover what happened to her world many generations ago.

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  • Control de Power of Asfand.
  • Collect all the ancient scrolls.
  • Defeat the Warlocks and save the alchemists guild of Asfand.

Fact Sheet

  • Platforms: Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

  • Release: April 22, 2021

  • Genre: Single Player, Adventure, Action, Puzzle

  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Catalan

  • Players: 1

  • Developer: Mystic Team

  • Price: US$ 5.49 / 5.49 €

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