What happened to the Minoan civilization?

What happened to the Minoan civilization? Join parkour master Marie Taylor and treasure hunter James Andrew in a historical action thriller, as they unveil the secrets of a forgotten kingdom which has been tragically trapped in and endless time loop. Explore a beautifully hand-drawn non-lineal open world, recover valuable relics, chart a lost island, and gather new clues in every loop to complete an ancient prophecy. Solve the riddles and mysteries that angered the old Gods, on your quest to prevent history from repeating itself forever. Secrets of the Minoan Cataclysm.

In 1639 BC a powerful explosion devastated the Minoan civilization and sunk the birthplace of their empire: the volcanic island of Thera. History seems to repeat itself, as the island has resurfaced, and a new cataclysm is bound to happen. Why were the Minoan so advanced to their time? Did King Minos foresee their demise? Can a new eruption of Thera be stopped? There’s only one way to find out! A sunken island trapped in time. Hidden in the depths for several millennia, the island of Thera is full of historical treasures to collect and mysteries to decipher.

Discover a lost Minoan citadel, open your way through an ottoman sunken fleet and unlock the doors to underground palace, as you uncover the details about the folk who lived there and their tragic fate. Exploit a glitch in time to secure information on a persistent map and solve key puzzles before the world blows up and the loop restarts!

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  • Time loop adventure

  • Atmospheric soundtrack

  • Hundreds of treasures to discover

  • European comic book art style

  • Puzzle solving

  • Parkour gameplay

  • Historic thriller narrative

Fact Sheet

  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5

  • Release: November 11, 2021

  • Genre: xploration, Side Scroller, Metroidvania. Sandbox

  • Subtitles: Catalan, English, French (France), German, Italian, Spanish

  • Players: 1

  • Developer: Undercoders

  • Price: US$ 19.99 / 19.99 €