An amazing and twisted metroidvania

Zapling Bygone is a twisted metroidvania where you murder your foes and steal their abilities by wearing their skulls and absorbing their consciousness into your hive-mind.
Zapling is an alien asylum seeker, part of a hivemind that transfers consciousness through touch. After fleeing your home-world you land on a new one, completely blind to the nature of this new planet, but with a need to populate and call it home.

Embrace both new and old challenges as you learn about the world around you, communicate with the skulls of your foes, and fight the deadliest foe of all.

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  • Amazing pixel-art.
  • Tight but fair precision platforming.
  • Rewards exploration, with hidden secrets around  every corner.
  • Piece together the history of an alien planet, while fighting off a foe from home.

Fact Sheet

  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5

  • Release: March 9th, 2023

  • Genre: metroidvania, exploration, horror, adventure

  • Subtitles: English

  • Players: 1 player

  • Developer: 9FingerGames

  • Price: US$ 12,99 / 12,99 €

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